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Sakina Publishing

Praise be to Allah by the number of His words, the ink of His pen, and by the expanse of His knowledge. Peace and blessings upon the fountain of the purest spiritual gnosis, our master Muhammad, his family and all who follow him in excellence till the last day.​  


Sakina Publishing is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sandal Cards and operates under the Sakina Publishing brand. ​​ 


Sakina: immanence of God, presence of God, devout, God inspired peace of mind, calm, tranquillity, peace.

(Hans Wehr dictionary of Modern written Arabic 1979)​​


"And their Prophet said unto them: Lo! The token of his kingdom is that there shall come unto you the ark wherein is sakina from your Lord, and a remnant of that which the house of Moses and the house of Aaron left behind, the angels bearing it. Lo! Herein shall be a token for you if (in truth) ye are believers."

(Quran 2:248) ​​


Sakina is a web based publishing house providing publication services. It was set up in 2011 out of love for the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, the Ahl al-bayt and the saints of this nation.  


The founding members had a passionate ambition to be able to serve the great Gnostics of the past, whose teachings and heritage are inaccessible to an English speaking audience. In order to bridge this gap, we decided to bring their expertise in translation and publishing together; subsequently Sakina was set up to act as a bridge to bring life to this knowledge to English speaking Muslims.​​Our core beliefs are that of Ahl-as Sunnah wa'l-Jama'ah.  


We focus on promoting love and veneration of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him. Sakina also loves and reveres all of the saints of Islam and serves every spiritual path of wayfaring that leads to the gnosis of the Divine.​​​At Sakina we aim to deliver quality works of the written word; marrying the intent of the author, the message, the beauty and power of the original work with the needs of an English readership.


Therefore, you will find that its translations have a focus on lucidity and clarity which does not compromise on the original spiritual impact of the book. Sakina's works always seek to be relevant to the moral growth and spiritual progress of the individual.

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