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The Secret of Allah's Name al-Ḥasīb

The Divine Name of Allah "al-Ḥasīb" brings protection for the family and wealth. It provides security for the embryo within the womb of its mother. From the explanation of the beautiful names of Allah, the speciality of al-Ḥasīb is to unite one with lost property and protect one’s family and wealth. Therefore, someone who has lost something, through reciting this in abundance will find his lost property.

It can also be recited over one who fears for an embryo in the womb, seven times, and so it remains firm. Likewise, if one intends to travel, they should place their hand on the neck of the person they fear for and recite it seven times. By it one will be protected if Allah wills.

The blessing of this Divine Name is that by it, the angels look at the works of the people and protect it. And whosoever fears the accounting (ḥisāb) on the Day of Judgement they should recite it a thousand times.

Excerpt from the book: Hasbuna Allah wa Ni'm Al-Wakil, from the Qirtas, the Commentary of Ratib ul-Attas, by Habib Ali b. Hasan al-Attas Ba Alawi.

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