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The Guide to the Path of Righteousness Vol 1 & 2

The Guide to the Path of Righteousness Vol 1 & 2


This book is beneficial for seekers on the spiritual path. 


It begins with an introduction to the Bani Alawi Tariqa, outlining the history, the development, principles and key figures.


It gives the reader an insight into the ethics and the doctrine of the path, with pearls of wisdom from the classical masters from the Sada Ba Alawi, such as Imam Al-Haddad who says:


‘The Bani Alawi Tariqa is the most upright and balanced Tariqa. Their conduct is the best and most exemplary, they are upon the most admirable way, broad and vast, with clear legislation.’


There is nothing better for a person in this era, who desires the path, to correct his understanding of the principles of tawhid, perform the obligations, refrain from the forbidden, perform the sunna in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah without disregarding them. And if these things flourish within him he has received a lot of good.’


‘If a seeker masters the path of the People of the Right, he ascends at the hands of his masha’ikh to the path of the foremost.’


    Publisher: Sakina Publishing
    Compiled by: Rizwana Sayed

    Weight: 600g

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