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Simt ad-Durar

Simt ad-Durar


Allah has servants in the world, who are the carriers of Muhammadan light. Through them people receive blessings for the world and the Hereafter. Habib Ali bin Muhammad al-Habashi was from amongst these people. He was renowned for his attachment to the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him. People around him would regularly see the Prophet in his gatherings and often in his form. No gathering was convened by him except that there was mention of the Prophet’s virtues, praise and characteristics.


His masterpiece, the Mawlid Simt ad-Durar was transmitted to him through Divine inspiration, which he composed in 1910 CE (1328AH). Habib Ali revealed, in praise of this composition, ‘Within the Mawlid is a great secret. Every time I recite it or hear it, I receive new spiritual openings; it is as though it did not actually emanate from my tongue.’ He described this Mawlid “as a manifestation of the state of the Prophet ” and informed us that it is a gift for future generations.

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